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Our History

Our products and equipment are of high quality to ensure the care of your pet and its good results. In order to provide a good service, we have qualified hairdressers willing to serve them, our mobile grooming service is the best option that your pet can have in terms of personal care. In our vans, we have a good environment, heating, hot water and other spaces for your pet to enjoy the process, and thus avoid long waits in the salons. We are located in Providence, Rhode Island and we service the state of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, always ready to provide the best for you.


Samy's Pets Mobile Grooming aims to protect and pamper your pet, providing our services throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, with high-quality products and with qualified personnel to provide well-being and care for your pet, always guaranteeing good service and satisfaction for our clients.


By 2024, Samy's Pets Mobile Grooming will be a recognized and positioned company throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, because of our excellent work and high-quality service. We will have reached more than four years being a leading company in the provision of canine and feline service, with efficiency, quality, love and professionalism towards our clients and their pets.

Our Team

Our Team
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